Hog Roast Shafton – Surprise 70th Birthday

Catherine recently got in touch with us at Hog Roast Shafton to discuss some options for her mum’s seventieth birthday party. She wanted it to be a surprise and had done a lot of research – very secretively – to work out exactly what her mum would want. Catherine told us there would be about sixty guests and the small party would be held at her home. Catherine also explained that she knew there were some vegetarians, but wasn’t sure how many exactly, we assured her that the menu options we had would cater to any special or dietary food requirements.

Hog Roast ShaftonWhen we discussed the various menus I think she was surprised by just how much we had to offer, but we talked through the best ideas and Catherine opted for the Private Party Menu Option 4 – our alfresco dining package. After all, it was summer and the party needed to be something very special for her mum. As our Hog Roast Shafton team made our way to the surprise party, the sun was shining and the countryside looked lush and colourful. It was a great day for a hog roast.

Catherine’s home was a quaint cottage with plenty of garden at the back. We set up the tables and chairs and prepared the slow-roasted lamb (her mum’s favourite) with mint and dill sauce. The vegetables and new potatoes with rosemary and garlic were cooking nicely and the aroma was intoxicating. The guests arrived and beamed when they saw, and smelled the food.

Catherine’s mum was the last to arrive and when everyone shouted surprise she was moved to tears. The champagne and snacks were handed out and after a very moving speech from Catherine and her brother, the buffet was served. Our friendly catering staff looked after the party and Catherine thanked us for helping to make her mum’s special day so perfect.

As the evening came round on Hog Roast Shafton most of the guests moved into the house to continue with the celebrations. We made sure all the rubbish was tidied away and Catherine’s beautiful garden was returned to normal. It was a truly special day and we were very pleased to have met such a wonderful, loving family.