A Tasty Corporate Event Dinner With Hog Roast Harlington

To treat your guests to a feast with a difference, why not try one of our Hog Roast Harlington speciality menus? Our amazing Southern Slow Roast gives you a wealth of choice and variety, as you get to choose three meats from a possible five – from beef brisket, pork butt, sticky pork ribs, whole roasted chickens and spiced lamb – as well as four hot or cold sides – like our homemade coleslaw or mac and cheese, jacket potatoes, corn cobettes, a green leaf or Greek salad, or spicy sweet potato wedges. We marinate the meats in advance and then slow-roast to perfection on the day and serve with a variety of sauces and we even offer a vegetarian alternative main course if needed (with the sides already being suitable).

On the other hand, our fabulous Hog Roast Harlington Loaded Fries may well be the perfect menu to serve instead, where we add brisket of beef or pulled pork to freshly-cooked chips and top with either a spicy or zesty slaw and plenty of melting cheese. It’s a taste sensation that our customers are going crazy for and will no doubt wow the guests at your next party or event.Hog Roast Pontefract

Nevertheless, we don’t need to cater your special occasion with a full special menu, as you’re welcome to choose just a main to be the highlight of the day, or a main with a side or two, or even several courses of your own choosing, like canapés, a starter, main and dessert. Whatever you’re thinking of us providing, we can work together with you in advance to make it happen, even if you need options to cater for special diets, like gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan. We want everyone to enjoy our tasty, homemade food, whatever your wants or your guests’ needs.

Hog Roast Harlington catered a corporate event on Friday, where a theatrical centrepiece hog roast impressed all of the eighty carnivore guests and then fed them with piles of pigs in buns, full of meat, crackling, apple sauce and stuffing. We also made veggie skewers for the vegetarians and by the end of service, everyone had been satisfied with our delicious options.