Hog Roast Rotherham Loves A Traditional Birthday Party!

No matter how old you are, birthdays are a huge cause for celebration, and if you ask us, the best way to mark the occasion is with one of our traditional hog roast spreads! At Hog Roast Rotherham, our lip-smacking menus have inspired many a get-together, and we just can’t get enough of the festivities. Luckily for us though, with every new day, there’s a new client who needs our help. So when Mark got in touch to get the ball rolling on his birthday party, our catering manager, Marcus was on the other end of the phone with plenty of helpful advice!

Hog Roast RotherhamWith a maximum number of 50 people scheduled to descend on Mark’s home on Sunday afternoon, the client had opted for our classic hog roast menu. This is the most traditional menu Hog Roast Rotherham has to offer, and it is structured to ensure that the pig is the highlight of the meal. At Marcus’s recommendation, the client had also decided to incorporate some of our more popular side dishes to the menu which would guarantee that there would be something on offer for everyone.

On the day the birthday celebration, Hog Roast Rotherham made the short trip to Mark’s home where, upon their arrival, they quickly erected the catering gazebo and got started on setting out the serving tables. For the catering crew, the next few hours were spent cooking tirelessly while the client relaxed and waited for his guests to arrive.

The moment everyone had been waiting for soon arrived, and as the guests began to make an appearance, Hog Roast Rotherham promptly set out the mixed salad, chips and coleslaw sides along with the gluten-free rolls and wraps before carving up the piping hot hog. Upon revealing the juicy centre of fork-tender meat, the guests queued up with bamboo plates in hand and waited for their chance to get a taste of the delicious food which had filled Mark’s home with a concoction of irresistible aromas.

At the first bite, Mark and his guests were hooked on the wholesome flavours, and with plenty to go around, everyone made the most of being able to collect extra helpings before the evening came to an end.