Hog Roast Wombwell Helped Primary School Kids Celebrate The Lunar New Year!

Hog Roast Wombwell recently received a glowing review from the pupils and staff at a nearby primary school after our team served a phenomenal buffet in honour of the Chinese New Year!

Before the event took place, we had been contacted by the school’s PTA (Parent-Teacher Association), who informed us that they were looking for a quality feast without the costly price tag that so many caterers charge, as they had a strict budget to stick to. So, when our catering manager, Marcus, ran through our pricing options with the group, they were instantly impressed by what they could get for their money.

All of our menus seemed popular with the clients, but there was one in particular that they collectively agreed best matched their needs and budget: our Gourmet BBQ Menu. With a variety of tasty meats options to choose from and child-friendly sides, it was ideal for the school celebration. And with the day centring around the annual Asian tradition and teaching the children about other cultures, the PTA had asked for us to slightly tweak the menu by incorporating some of our oriental-inspired dishes into the spread. This, we were more than happy to do, and the results, as you already know, were a smash hit!

Hog Roast Wombwell When the day of the celebration arrived, Hog Roast Wombwell rustled up a mouth-watering spread that consisted of handmade British beef burgers, gourmet sausages, chicken satay skewers, meaty spareribs marinated in Chinese hoisin sauce and veggie skewers with tzatziki dip. Marcus and the team also prepared some roasted duck bites, which they served with freshly made spring rolls, ginger wraps and a hoisin sauce dip.

For the day’s entertainment, the kids performed a dragon dance that they had spent the previous week learning; and to symbolise leaving behind the Year of the Ox and embracing the Year of the Tiger, some of the children had dressed up as the striped wild cat or had their faces painted to match its iconic features. The teachers had also prepared Lucky Red Envelopes for everyone to open. As for the food, both children and adults alike loved the spread that Hog Roast Wombwell put on!