Hog Roast Sheffield Catered At A Crazy Golf Stag Event

Last Friday evening, our catering manager Marcus attended an exciting stag event, which had been organised by the best man, Tim, as a surprise for the groom, Owen!

Weeks before the celebration went ahead, the client had clued us up about his plans for the night and had gone into great detail about the crazy golf theme that he had chosen for the occasion. What he had been looking for from Hog Roast Sheffield was a feast like no other, and he certainly found what he’d been searching for in our Southern Slow Roast Menu! Combining three exquisite meat options with a mixture of lovely sides, this fab feast is one of our most popular for a reason, and loving the sound of it himself, Tim had immediately chosen this spread for the all-important party.

When it finally came time to celebrate, Marcus, who was joined by some of Hog Roast Sheffield’s most-talented catering staff, travelled to the venue hours before the serving time, which allowed them to cook up the impressive feast of fall off the bone Louisiana sticky pork ribs, Texan 24 hour beef brisket and pulled quarter of minted lamb with plenty of time left to spare before the boys arrived.

Hog Roast Sheffield Once the meat was cooked through, Hog Roast Sheffield had used their remaining window of time to prepare the side options of Memphis style crunchy coleslaw, all-American style mac and cheese, potato salad and sweet potato fries. To accompany the vibrant spread, they lined up a row of boozy sauces to complement the flavours of the meat and piled an abundance of mixed rolls into wicker baskets for the group to dig into.

After battling it out on the golf course, where Tim had racked up quite the impressive score, the boisterous group arrived in the dining hall, which was filled with gorgeous fragrances from the food. The delicious scent was all the invitation the boys needed to form an orderly queue, and after being served a generous plateful of gourmet goods, they settled into their seats and tucked into the awesome combination that Hog Roast Sheffield had specially prepared.