Hog Roast Elsecar Ready To Impress Everyone With Tasty Food

Hog Roast Elsecar hog roasts are jam-packed with flavour and that’s because we only ever use top-quality, free-range pigs that we buy locally from trusted suppliers, which we then slow-roast for hours on end at a low temperature. We use our own excellent range of hog roasters in order to cook up hog roast feasts, and whether our customers prefer theirs on a plate together with seasonal vegetables and potatoes or as piles of pigs in buns, they come complete with golden crackling and our homemade trimmings of apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing (as well as lashings of our own-recipe onion gravy if you decide on a plated meal).

We may well be famous for our Hog Roast Elsecar hog roast offerings but you may not know that we’re just as loved for our alternative mains, including spit-roasted meats and meat-free dishes, as well as supplemental options including handmade canap├ęs, starters, sides and desserts. You may be yearning for a hog roast but you also need a vegan main and two side dishes, and we can serve up something scrumptious like pulled jackfruit buns with slaw, as well as gourmet coleslaw and spicy sweet potato fries. It could be that you’d love our pigs in buns but you have some gluten-free guests and they can actually enjoy the same food, just with suitable rolls and wraps instead. You could even feature a great banquet of courses, as we have so many possibilities to choose from.

Hog Roast Elsecar For something a little bit different to surprise your guests with, you could select one of our standalone menus, like our three-course Alfresco with an Italian accent, a trio of meats and four sides with our Southern Slow Roast, our Loaded Fries that come with meat, slaw, cheese and jalapenos, or our Traditional Barbecue, which includes British beef burgers, our chef’s own-recipe sausages, spare ribs, chicken kebabs, salad, coleslaw and chips.

Regardless of the type of special occasion that you need catering, whether it’s informal or formal, and no matter how many people you’re inviting, Hog Roast Elsecar can wow everyone with all kinds of tasty food, so call us today to see how.