Hog Roast Edale

Surrounded by the beautiful green rolling hills of the Vale, Edale is the quintessential British village. And what better then for such a place than a classic British roast of the very best kind! With Hog Roast Edale we’ve precisely got the tonic you need for your events in Edale this year; our name brand hog roast is a prime delight ready made for the cut and thrust of all event dining needs. It doesn’t get much better in event dining than a Hog Roast Edale affair. For our speciality hog roast we have refashioned the classic spit roaster to create that genuine feel of a traditional feastful roast of days gone and added just a little dash of brilliant modern spice and flair to the mix.

The result is a truly magnificent roast teeming with the most glorious crispy skin and juicy meat and flavour. Just imagine the scene: sat in the bright shining sun, sunglasses out, champagne topped up, the vibrant greens of the hills around, and the most stacked up plate of juicy, tender roast pork, roast veggies, new potatoes, luxuriant salads, and our very own apple sauce perfect for accompanying the hog roast. Only with Hog Roast Edale could this dream be reality!

Our service extends to every type of occasion: weddings, corporate functions, festivals, parish nights, social club events and so much more. Whatever the day, whatever the occasion, Hog Roast Edale needs to be there to make the day just that bit more special! You won’t regret giving our friendly expert team a call today.

Excellent Events In Edale

With Hog Roast Edale you are bringing style back to the event dining table. Our hog roast is a magnificent spectacle beyond even just its taste. The fiery display of its slow cook is also quite the show for all to enjoy and will certainly get you in the mood for some fine smoked meaty goodness. But if you can’t wait until then our service also covers plenty of side dishes, appetisers, buffet selections, light platters, breads, cheeses and so on. The one thing no one comes away from a Hog Roast Edale event feeling is hungry! We’ll keep you fed right.

So get going – call Hog Roast Edale today for stylish dining and exceptional event catering now!