Hog Roast Conisburgh Are Here To Help Plan An Amazing Menu

When you hire Hog Roast Conisburgh catering, we work hard to impress all of your guests with tasty homemade food made out of fine ingredients, while you sit back and relax with them on the day and get to enjoy what we make. While this will often include one of our sumptuous hog roast centrepieces when we’re catering any kind of special occasion, sometimes we also cater with alternative mains, both meaty and meat-free options, and often with additional courses, so whatever kind of menu you’re hoping for, we’ve got you covered.

Hog Roast Conisburgh We also provide all kinds of dishes for special diets, so if one of your gluten-free guests wishes they could enjoy our famous Hog Roast Conisburgh pigs in buns, for example, they actually can if you let us know when you book, as we just need to take along suitable bread rolls and wraps on the day in order for this to happen. Inviting vegans or vegetarians? We have some scrumptious possibilities available, like our barbecued pulled jackfruit (a lovely vegan alternative to our pulled pork) and slaw or our vegetarian skewers with halloumi and vegetables, served as wraps and with dips on the side.

In terms of meaty mains, perhaps our spit-roasted chicken, turkey, lamb or beef is more your style, or we can rustle up a barbecue of British beef burgers, spare ribs, chicken kebabs and chef’s gourmet sausages, served together with coleslaw, salad and chips. We also offer various other standalone menus to make it easier for you to choose, like our three-course Italian-style Alfresco, our Southern Slow Roast with three marinated meats and four sides or our Loaded Fries, which come topped with meat, slaw, cheese and spicy jalapenos.

If you’d prefer to design your very own menu from scratch, we make it easy for you to do so – simply mix and match items between our menus, whether you just fancy a side or two or a feast featuring welcome canap├ęs, starters, sides and desserts. Whatever you’re thinking of for your next party or event, call Hog Roast Conisburgh today and we’ll help you plan an amazing menu.