Hog Roast Burton Agnes

Famed most for its Elizabethan Burton Agnes Hall and its exuberant gardens, Burton Agnes is a quaint village with a small, yet tight knit community. This beautiful sight is however an exceptional landmark in Yorkshire for fun family days and lovely outdoor celebrations. We here at Hog Roast Burton Agnes are best placed to facilitate those type of events with our traditionally made hog roasts ideal for a bright shining outdoor celebration. We are an event caterer with a difference: by focusing on genuine hog roasts and freshly made barbecued and roast foods we’ve made event dining an event all by itself. The classic hog roast is a stylish means of cooking that looks just as good in action as it tastes in the end.

With fiery delights, smoky aromas, and sizzling spectacle this is a most captivating attraction to your events, especially when outdoors, and will have the whole family admiring its brilliance. The reward of a finely salted, freshly made pulled pork roll is just the topper to finish it all off.

Our speciality hog roast has been the mainstay of the business for some years now and has been a successful dining experience in so many different types of events – from weddings to corporate events, festivals, social club evenings, anniversary dinners and more! So be sure to give us a call today and find out what Hog Roast Burton Agnes can do to lift up your next event!

Brilliant Buffets And More In Burton Agnes

With a range of menus and food combinations to choose from there is so much quality in Hog Roast Burton Agnes’ service. Don’t be stressed by choice though, our friendly team are here to walk you through every aspect of our business to ensure you get exactly what you need with little fuss. We like to think the personal touch goes a long way when working with customers, and from our many glowing testimonials we are sure they agree! We’ll help you pick out the perfect combination from our many meaty mains, Italian meat platters, bread and cheese boards, vegan skewers, side salads, and so much more.

Get with the party this year – call Hog Roast Burton Agnes today for your next event!