Get To Know More About Hog Roast Acomb’s Catering Manager Marcus

Hog Roast AcombMarcus is the catering manager of Hog Roast Acomb. He has years of experience working with pigs and just under ten years of doing delicious Hog Roast’s at all kinds of events. Over the years he has developed a close relationship to Hog Roast Acomb’s Titan machine as it slowly roasts the whole pig (or whole lamb or joints) perfectly with two burners either side ensuring an equal cook and guaranteeing the best crackling every time. He understands that having a hog roast is a rare treat for many so is passionate about making it super delicious and giving you fantastic experience with great food and professional service. 

Marcus answered some questions so that you can reflect on his time with Hog Roast Acomb.

Where has been your favourite venue to cater at so far?

A customer’s house in Askern Doncaster. Their house was one of a kind with the perfect space for events, it was a house of dreams. 

What has been your favourite event so far?

Probably the same event as my favourite venue. All the people were great and accommodating making our job easier, the atmosphere was splendid, and the warm weather just helped everything come together. It was also a Southern Slow Roast Menu, and this is always a great menu to serve with the options and flavours!

Which menu would you choose if you were a customer?

The Southern Slow Roast for sure! Nothing beats the flavourings of the meats that just fall apart after being slowly roasted. The side dishes are awesome, especially the Mac and cheese, fresh salads, and sweet potato fries! It’s such a unique menu with something for everyone. 

Have you ever met a celebrity on the job?

I don’t know about a celebrity, but New Zealand Rugby player was at an event: Kylie Leuluai. He most notably played in the UK club Leeds Rhinos.